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Enjoy a perfect day in the cenotes of Cancun. Practice kayak and immerse yourself in nature. Swim and cool off in the clear waters of the Mayan cenotes. Discover four different types of cenotes in Mexico. Rappel to the freshness of a cenote. Surround yourself with nature while kayaking. Have fun flying through the air on zip lines. Discover a Mayan Oasis full of history and legends.

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Four different kinds of cenotes

The cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula are geological formations that house underground rivers and crystal clear pools in the jungle whose origin has a long process of thousands of years. They can be located mostly in this region of the world, southeastern Mexico, so they are a natural treasure in Cancun and Riviera Maya to which you have access through XENOTES OASIS MAYA TOUR operated by EXPERIENCIAS XCARET.

The flowering of the Mayan culture was possible in large part thanks to the existence of the "cenotes", primary source of water and life for the Maya, and sacred sites that were formed thousands of years ago.

The Maya always expressed great devotion to nature, as they felt that it gave them all the necessary resources to survive. The Maya believed that cenotes were the entrance to Xibalbá, the Mayan underworld, and that the rain gods lived in the depths, which is why they were considered sacred and various rituals of worship were carried out.

They also believed that the bottom of the caverns and cenotes were inhabited by tiny, nimble and mischievous creatures known as aluxes or guardians of the jungle that wander through fields and hills after sunset, and, through prayers and offerings, asked them for permission to walk on their land, and at the same time to take care of the crops. In this way, aluxes came to life in order to scare off intruders from the fields by throwing stones at them or simply by scaring them.

Xenotes Oasis Maya is the only Tour where you will discover four different kinds of cenotes in natural surroundings, an oasis in the middle of the jungle where you enjoy nature at its grandest; a different activity in every Xenote (Kayak, Rappel with aided descent, Snorkel and Zip-lines) in an ambiance of fun where visitors learn about respect for the soil the ancient Maya once walked on and about legends and mysticism through the mythical guardians of the jungle.