You’re the fusion with water. You’re the one who knows how to have fun. You’re the perfect moment. You’re the heritage of the past.

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Xenote Fuego – Paddle in Kayaks

K’áak’, is an open cenote where, either by kayak or inner tubes, you will find the athlete within. You just need a lot of attitude and desire to enjoy nature. The alux K'áak’ 'will join you, his rules are easy to follow: live the moment and do things with great passion.

Xenote Agua – Enjoy Snorkeling

Ha’, is a cavern cenote with a beautiful aquatic habitat. Enjoy snorkeling in this Xenote and be amazed by the underwater gardens of lilies. The alux Ha' is quiet and sincere, we recommend that you take care of the waters which is the most sacred thing for him; do not throw trash and use appropriate sunblock.

Xenote Tierra – Enjoy Rappelling

Lu´um, is a semi-open cenote where you can practice rappel; scream, laugh, enjoy... let yourself go and experience this unforgettable activity. The alux Lu'um likes to laugh and enjoy his lands, which are the connecting point between him and Mother Nature, help him take care of his home and don’t throw any garbage, as this will upset him.

Xenote Aire – Fly with Zip lines

Iik’, is an ancient cenote where you can experience the tranquility of the jungle and the adrenaline of flying high. Oxygenate your lungs and be free, now is when. The alux Iik' is continually going back and forth, watching nature from the top and feeling the breeze on his face. Like him, fly high, relax and enjoy.

Important information

  • Bring aqua socks or water shoes and an extra towel.
  • Take care of nature, enjoy it and learn from it.
  • Avoid using makeup or chemical repellents that affect the ecosystem of the cenotes, use only chemical-free sunblock.
  • The use of life jackets is required for water activities.
  • Avoid leaving the beaten track to avoid an incident with the fauna or flora of the place.
  • If you see an animal avoid touching or feeding it, remember they are in their natural habitat.
  • Shower before entering the Xenote to protect the habitat.

GENERAL: Activities restricted to pregnant women, people with heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, hypertension and claustrophobia. Rappel with aided descent.