Buy online and guarantee your admission. Plunge into the refreshing waters of the underground river. Let the moon guide your way and fly among the stars. Awake your senses and feel the darkness. A challenge in the darkness like you could never have imagined

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Xplor Fuego All inclusive

AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLES: The thrilling trek in these vehicles amidst torches, fireflies and the sounds of the jungle make this an unforgettable experience. Discover the million-year-old secrets kept by theses grottos, caves and paths.

Xplor Fuego All inclusive

ZIP-LINES: In this thrilling activity, Xplorers will be able to fly through the treetops and amidst the stars for a bird´s eye view to admire the beauty of the softly lit jungle. Awake your senses and throw yourself to the darkness.

Xplor Fuego All inclusive

STALACTITE RIVER SWIM: Enter into an underground paradise surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites where the stars will be your guide. Keep your eyes wide open before the shadows of this incredible journey.

Xplor Fuego All inclusive

RAFTS: On board a Raft and paddling with your own hands, journey a circuit of underground caverns accompanied by the moonlight. Relax and be amazed before these incredible rock formations created by the passing of time.

Important information

ZIP LINES To ensure your protection and make sure the harnesses are comfortable and fit properly to each of our visitors, we require a minimum weight of 40 kg (88 pounds) and is allowed a maximum weight of 136 kg (300 pounds), the capacity in the harness circumference around the waist is 51 in and 27 in around each leg. * The minimum height required for this activity is 1.40 m.

AMPHIBIOUS *Only people over 18 years can drive the vehicles. It is essential that you present a valid ID proving your age.

GENERAL Activities restricted to pregnant women, people with heart problems, diabetes, epilepsy, asthma, hypertension and claustrophobia.