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Team up with the #1 attractions in Cancun & Riviera Maya to earn extra revenue. Take advantage of the Grupo Xcaret brand by linking our products, promotions, and inventory on your site.

Each year the Mexican Caribbean receives more than 9.7 million tourist from which you can benefit from. Our parks receive about 3.5 million travelers from around the world and you can get attractive commissions by promoting our products.

How it works:

Grupo Xcaret partnered with ShareASale, Webgains, and Pepperjam to create an affiliate program, the best in its class.

Starting your business is very easy, you only have to fill out your affiliate application online on ShareASale, Webgains or Pepperjam, choose the one that suits you best. Once your application has been approved, you’ll get access to Grupo Xcaret creatives to place across your website(s), social networks and blogs. With our large inventory of banners, logos, texts, offers, and products catalogs links you’ll send traffic to our websites, increasing your chances to make a sale and start earning commissions.

It’s as simple as placing our marketing materials on your site and we will take care of the bookings, payments and customer service. Earn a commission every time a visitor completes a purchase on our websites through the links you choose to use.

Products included:


The default payout commission is 6% of the total sale. Park packages and Optional Activities purchased online also feature.

Whenever a visitor goes to your website and clicks on our materials, your computer will save a tracking cookie for 90 days, so all future visits and purchases carried out during this period will be recorded on the network reports. Transactions are tracked online so you can refer to it; all the information is available 24/7.

Advantages and Benefits:

Grupo Xcaret also has websites and creative materials in the following languages:

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