Sacred Mayan Journey

An ancient Mayan tradition in Xcaret

The Sacred Mayan Journey recreates an ancient Mayan ritual departing from Xcaret to pay tribute to the Ixchel goddess at Cozumel.

Each year takes place a pilgrimage with hundreds of volunteers in traditional canoes and with paddles made out of wood, just as the ancient oarsmen used. After having special training for months, they are ready for this journey in the open sea to reach Cozumel island.

The day starts with a farewell to the oarsmen with music and dances at sunrise, to later recreating a Mayan market. The group of canoes arrives at Chankanaab Park at Cozumel to tribute and deposit their offerings to the Ixchel goddess. After hearing the words of the oracle and resting during the night, they will return to the ancient port of Polé (nowadays, Xcaret) to spread the good news to their fellow citizens.

One of the oldest traditions in Quintana Roo, Mexico keeps alive in this unique experience called the Sacred Mayan Journey.

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