Xoximilco is the best place to discover the Mexican cuisine.

The diversity of Mexican gastronomy is the product of the passing of the centuries. Its great variety of flavors, colors and textures has made it possible to reach the peak of international cuisine with dishes that are present in our daily life. Not only will you be sharing a unique and special moment with the essence of Mexican traditions, but you will discover the authentic Mexican cuisine; a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional ingredients.

Come to Xoximilco and dare to try the different flavors of Mexico. Start with our delicious dips made out of mayan pumpkin seed, axiote, the traditional guacamole and the more exotic: huitlacoche –corn smut-, and some grasshoppers and charales to accompany. And then try a variety of dishes like mole, pork with achiote sauce, shrimp tamale and ceviche; or if you prefer, we also have a vegetarian menu. And to close with an excellent dinner, the traditional sweets; coconut candy, popped amaranth candy and the wafers will fulfil your craving.

Come and celebrate with your family and friends a tradition that you can only live here!

*The menu may vary without notice.

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