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Xplor Bravest Race

The experience will be unforgettable at XPLOR Bravest Race!

Xplor is the venue for one of the most popular race with obstacles and persecution. This race will become into a challenge of physical and mental resistance for all the participants, in an atmosphere of incredible natural scenarios combining ability and strength tests. It is a journey of 5 kilometers where participants will test their courage and ability while they are chased by the 'Brave Hunters' and should defend their 'Brave Flags' until the final line to become The Bravest.

The race takes place in the dense jungle, underground rivers, caves and cenotes, which increases the challenge and create fantastic landscapes and the ideal scenery to prove your courage. You can choose between being a Brave Runner or a Brave Hunter; defend your flags with bravery, skill and fearlessness to get the medal at the end of the race or be the nightmare of runners and snatch their glory before reaching the goal.

You can’t miss the opportunity to be part of this incredible race in the Riviera Maya; have fun with music, food and a great atmosphere. Go beyond your will and conquer your limits!

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