Yucatan is the cradle of the Mayan culture and its legacy is unique in the world. It is a magical land where the past becomes present; each corner is full of stories, friendly people and traditions that contrast with its modernity.

    This historical city is located in the southeast of Mexico, you can walk through its roads and witness its cultural richness; in the history of the streets, in the museums, in its haciendas, in its gastronomy characterized by ancient recipes, and in its stunning archaeological sites.

    The legendary land of the Mayab is a complete tourist destination; it has the facilities for events, conventions and travel, based on the high quality of its tourism business; this destination have won world fame due to its excellent communications infrastructure and the historical and natural wonders. In every corner you can still find Mayan villages whose crafts, religious rites, traditions and ancestral customs are a magical attraction.

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